Dr. George Oestreich

Dr. Oestreich is providing key, strategic consulting targeting public and private sector healthcare issues including health information technology, decision support, program design and care coordination policy development. A major interest is developing transparent, integrated patient care management and coordination solutions into current practice workflow. He has unique and comprehensive experience in pharmacy benefit design coupling integrated pharmacy services into mainstream care coordination and service delivery.

Dr. Oestreich served as Deputy Division Director, Clinical Services, for MO HealthNet (MHD), the Missouri Medicaid agency from August 2006 until February 2011.  In this position he developed clinical payment policy and related payment edits.  He coordinated health information technology for monitoring, support of edits and decision support.  Also in his venue was the development and implementation of disease management and care coordination services.  The later resulted in a positive return on investment and improved patient outcome indicators.

Dr. Oestreich served as Director of Pharmacy for the agency from 2001 to 2006.  Under his leadership, the MHD was an early innovator in Medicaid pharmacy programs integrating aggressive maximum allowable pricing, clinically sound step therapy, productive supplemental rebate programs, high tech prior authorization and physician-pharmacist disease management.  These programs provided cost avoidance for the agency that averaged over $100 million annually. In a recent program review the Lewin Group stated, “Pharmacy program leadership staff have an exceptional level of Medicaid and prescription drug management expertise and stand out among Medicaid pharmacy staff nationwide”

During his tenure as Deputy Director of Clinical Services, he provided effective leadership that extended the principals of medical evidence with best practice into the unified polices of major service areas. The most synergistic have been the integration of high tech solutions into care coordination opportunities.  That process has produced greater savings than traditional disease management by focusing on opportunities within targeted disease processes that can be impacted.  In this space, Dr. Oestreich has also used population-based queries of integrated claim data to support program initiatives and promulgate policy. Significant increases in patient health status as well as actual short term cost savings and projected long-term savings have been achieved.

From September 2009 to February Dr. Oestreich also served as Project Director for Missouri’s healthcare technology grant from the Office of the National Coordinator (ARRA HITEC) as well as coordinating the state’s Medicaid technology initiatives (IAPD and SMHP).  The MHD initiatives focused on a coordinated approach by integrating paid claim data with clinical data.  This integrated approach is then presented to state staff for program management and contracted provider clinical staff for coordinated decision support. 

Dr. Oestreich earned his BS in Pharmacy from the University of Missouri-KC, his Master of Public Administration from University of Missouri-Columbia and his Doctor of Pharmacy from Kansas University. Prior to joining state government in 2001 as he served as Chief Executive Officer of the Missouri Pharmacy Association and the Foundation for Pharmaceutical Care for 13 years.  He has a wide variety of pharmacy practice experience in community, hospital, longterm care and consulting.  He owned a full service community pharmacy until 2007 working and managing it until 1989 when he began working for the association. He served on the Missouri Board of Pharmacy for five years, as President for 2 of those years.  He has received many awards, made multitudes of presentations and co-authored many publications.